2014 Class Gift Campaign

This year, the Class of 2014 Gift Committee has decided to build a friendly rivalry in an effort to drive gifts to The Fletcher Fund.  Click on the image below to play your part - whether an LLM, MA, MALD, MAHA or MIB student - and help the Class of 2014 reach 100% participation! 

                  class gift 3

I gave to support preserving the Fletcher I love for future classes. Looking across peer schools, Fletcher offers a unique experience which hasn’t sold out to mega-class sizes and big names with no interest in teaching and mentorship. I am a smarter, more critically thinking and engaged person than when I entered... it’s worth giving up the equivalent of a couple coffees to support our legacy. – Jamilah Welch, F12
I'm supporting the Class Gift to pay forward the benefits I've received as a student at Fletcher, and to become part of the strong Fletcher tradition of giving back. – Jeff Eisenbraun, F12

For two years, we immerse ourselves in the Fletcher community. As we leave, professionally and personally enriched, I think it's important to reflect what the institution has done for us. Supporting our Class Gift is just one small way to show our appreciation for Fletcher, to serve as a thank you for its role in making us who we are as we graduate. – Meghan Mahoney, F12

One of Fletcher's finest attributes is its remarkable student body. I know it sounds trite, but it's true. I'm constantly impressed by my classmates. They are incredibly talented, interesting, fun, and unpretentious. As graduation looms, I suggest you take a moment to reflect upon the friendships you've made here and be swayed by emotion to coalesce around this class gift. Contributing even a small amount is something I believe each of us can do. - Alex Leipziger, F12