Clean Energy Should be at the Core of US Energy Policy: Gov. Richardson (F71)

Financial Times

Shale falls short for US energy security

Every US president since Richard Nixon has trumpeted the benefits of energy independence and outlined strategies to end fuel imports, including investing in renewables, nuclear, biofuels and coal. But today, with advances in drilling technologies and the recent surge in the development of oil and gas from shale rock, the country is inching closer to the elusive goal. “After years of talking about it,” said President Barack Obama in his State of the Union address, “we are finally poised to control our own energy future.”

But we cannot let the desire for energy independence obscure the fact that there will be shortfalls in the future. Nor should it make us ignore the acceleration of climate change. As US fossil-fuel production reaches unprecedented levels, now is not the time to give up on clean energy ambitions. Indeed, now is the time to try harder to meet them.

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