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Cultivating Relationships and Curiosity: Sarah Cartmell (F09) and GE Intelligent Platforms

Sarah Cartmell MALD F09

Sarah Cartmell (F09) recognized a core strength of the Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy (MALD) program at The Fletcher School—the people—before she even set foot on campus. She was evaluating various graduate programs while working in Germany for the American Chamber of Commerce. Through the alumni network, a Fletcher graduate living there learned that Cartmell was considering The Fletcher School and invited her to dinner.

“That level of outreach and interest is uncommon and what makes Fletcher so special,” says Cartmell. “That was the deciding factor for me more than academics.”

Of course, the academics didn’t disappoint. Cartmell chose the MALD program because its interdisciplinary curriculum would allow her to learn about diverse topics, including politics, economics, the law and business. In her current role at GE Intelligent Platforms as a global product marketer, Cartmell has found that this broad exposure to different perspectives has been indispensable.

“Fletcher teaches you how to break things down and ask different questions,” says the 31-year-old Cartmell, who is in a rotational leadership program that brought her first to Chicago and now Charlottesville, Virginia. “The classes teach you to see interrelationship between things, and that’s what companies need today.”

Cartmell credits Fletcher not just for her career preparation but also for helping her gain a deeper appreciation of the world. “Fletcher cultivates curiosity and teaches you to see the bigger picture,” she says. “It’s fun to be engaged, and Fletcher and your peers show you how to do that.” She is happily continuing the alumni tradition of reaching out to potential students. “People were really willing to sit down and share time with me. I benefited from that, and I would like to pay it forward as much as possible.”

--Dan Eisner
(Reprinted from Fletcher News)