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Gen. Dunford (F92) on Afghanistan's Security Prospects After 2014

Fears increase of Taliban surge

Afghanistan is braced for “high-profile” attacks and assassination attempts by Taliban militants as the country’s summer fighting season begins and western armies withdraw thousands of troops, according to General Joseph Dunford, commander of the Nato-led International Security Assistance Force.

Underlining the relevance of his warning, nine suicide bombers and gunmen stormed a courthouse in Farah, western Afghanistan, on Wednesday, in an apparent attempt to free Taliban prisoners that left themselves and 44 others dead. It was the deadliest single attack since 2011.

Thirty-four of the dead were civilians, the rest Afghan security forces, Reuters quoted a government spokesman as saying.

Gen. Dunford said in an interview that the coming battles would be as much psychological and political as military, with the US and its allies seeking to convince Afghans of their commitment to support the country even after the bulk of the remaining 100,000 foreign troops have left at the end of 2014.

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