Azerbaijan Piles Up the Building Blocks of Democracy: Op-Ed by Elin Suleymanov (F04)

Washington Times

Azerbaijan and the United States are partners in addressing the world’s most difficult challenges from fighting terrorism internationally to serving shoulder-to-shoulder in Afghanistan and working together to ensure peaceful future for the Afghan people. In fact, one of only a few nations that have made an early commitment to post-2014 Afghanistan, Azerbaijan accounts for some 40 percent of transit via the vital Northern Distribution Network supporting the International Security Assistance Force.

Our nations also work to together promote Europe’s energy security by bringing Caspian natural gas to the European markets through the strategic Southern Gas Corridor, including the recently announced Trans-Adriatic Pipeline, a choice enthusiastically endorsed by the United States. Importantly, Azerbaijan, a nation proud of its Muslim heritage, stands as a strong supporter of intercultural dialogue and is a good friend of Israel. The U.S.-Azerbaijan partnership has been a key factor in transforming our region and remains an integral part of the international effort to bring about a lasting and international law-based settlement to the protracted Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, which resulted in displacement of hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijani civilians.

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