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Undergraduate International Relations Course Taught by Colette Mazzucelli, F87, Mentioned in New York Times Article

An international relations course taught for undergraduates at LIU Global by Professor Colette Mazzucelli, F87, is mentioned in the recent New York Times article, "Extreme Study Abroad: The World Is Their Campus." In the pilot course this fall, Professor Mazzucelli uses Google's new Learning Management System (LMS), Classroom, to teach undergraduates engaged in field work on several continents. The article also profiles the experience of a LIU Global senior, Clarissa Gordon, who is a thesis advisee working with Professor Mazzucelli. On September 26, Colette returned to her alma mater, The University of Scranton, to address The Schemel Forum on the subject of Wright Spaces: Citizenship Learning in Liquid Times, in which she presented the pedagogical initiatives being introduced in the LIU Global undergraduate curriculum during this academic year.
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