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The story of Susan Livingston's, F81, career path is documented by A&E

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Susan Livingston, F81, has had an extraordinary life by combining a passion for internationalism with a career in banking. Now, A&E has included Livingston in the documentary series, Biography. This feature on Livingston tells the story of her international career path as a woman in finance. A partner at Brown Brothers Harriman & Co, Livingston has expanded the company's global custody business over the course of her tenure. She spent three years at BBH's Luxembourg office, where she grew the investment portfolio from 4 to over one hundred countries of investment. She later ran the Asia-Pacific office, which BBH established through her oversight. In 1998, Livingston became one of two women appointed to the position of partner in the company. She cites her inspiration and dedication to her grandmothers, both of whom were diligent and successful businesswomen. This episode, featuring Livingston will show over 200 times this year on A&E.

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