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Q&A with Dean Stavridis: Growing up in Allentown; the Navy; Future as Dean

Dean Stavridis The Fletcher School

Allentown Never Far Away From Retired Four-Star Admiral

Admiral James G. Stavridis recently retired as the first Naval officer to serve as the NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, a job that put him in charge of NATO operations in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, the Balkans, and piracy off the coast of Africa.

While his 30-plus career took the four-star admiral around the world, he traces his roots to Allentown on both sides of his family.

Stavridis, 58, recently took the time to chat about the time he spent in Allentown and the path his career took….

…Q: Your just took a new job as dean of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. Why the switch?

A: After 37 years in the Navy, there were no further jobs in uniform, and it was my time to transition. But I wanted to continue to mentor and educate young people, which is of course a big part of being a senior officer in the military. Also, I earned my own PhD from The Fletcher School some years ago, and I believe in its international mission -- it is the oldest school of international relations in the U.S.A. So it seemed a logical career change. I will be in charge of about a thousand graduate students both in residence in Boston and around the world, as well as a superb faculty and group of administrators -- I am very excited about it all.

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