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Yu-Ming Shaw (F67) Appointed Chairman of Taiwan's Public Television Service

Former Cabinet Spokesman Named Head of Taiwan's Public TV

Shaw Yu-ming, former head of Taiwan's now defunct Government Information Office and spokesperson for the Cabinet, was elected Monday to serve as chairman of the country's Public Television Service.

The PTS board, comprising of 17 directors and three supervisors, was officially formed on June 25 after two and a half years of disputes over the selection of new board members.

On Monday, all but one of the board members attended the new board's inaugural meeting, in which they elected Shaw to lead the public broadcasting service.

Shaw said of his new job that he will devote himself to increasing PTS's reporting of international news.

Born in 1938, Shaw received his master's degree from the Fletcher School at Tufts University near Boston and a PhD in history from the University of Chicago.

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