Club Resources

A copy of the Fletcher Club Handbook can also be downloaded in PDF

Fletcher Clubs

A Fletcher Club is a group of alumni and friends who gather in a common geographical area or around a shared interest to stay connected with each other and with The Fletcher School.  A Club serves as a resource and point of contact for alumni, students, prospective students, parents and The Fletcher School. 

Benefits of Starting a Club

  • Advocate for and help The Fletcher School in reaching institutional goals and aspirations
  • Maintain and grow your Fletcher network
  • Stay connected with the School
  • Utilize career and networking opportunities
  • Help educate prospective students on the benefits of attending the Fletcher School
  • Enjoy meaningful experiences with others who appreciated their time at Fletcher

Ideas for Alumni Club Events and Programs

  • Social Hours for alumni, students, parents and friends of Fletcher
  • Speaker events featuring alumni, professors or other relevant members of the community
  • Prospective student receptions
  • Professional networking events
  • Volunteer and community service events
  • Holiday parties
  • Book Clubs/Discussion Groups
  • Community Dinners/Potlucks
  • Run/Walk Groups
  • Museum Tours

…and more!

Club Leadership Duties and Responsibilities

  • Each Club has a Leader and at least one other member in an executive role
  • All elected offices are for a period of two years; there are no term limits for any roles but re-elections must take place
  • The Leader and Executive Committee will meet at least twice a year, including a meeting leading up to each Club event
  • Each Club will maintain a presence online, either via ODAR-managed website, social media or a website of the Club’s choosing
  • Each Club will strive to obtain accurate contact information from alumni through event participation and outreach
  • Clubs will provide documentation of events to ODAR through photos and attendance lists
  • The Leader and Executive Committee will actively identify and recruit future Club volunteers for succession planning purposes

Club Leadership Position Descriptionscan be customized to each Club’s needs

Club Leader

  • Act as Chairman of the Board and convene all meetings of the Club
  • Serve as ex officio member of all sub-committees
  • Determine overall direction of the Club
  • Recruit, retain and oversee Club executive board and committee chairs
  • Liaise with University entities (ODAR, Offices of Career Services and Admissions, various schools within the University)
  • Principal office of the Club is located at the residence or office address of the person serving as Club Leader

Associate Club Leader (VP)

  • In the absence of the Club Leader, the Associate Club Leader presides at all meetings of the Club and of the Board and is an ex officio member of all sub-committees
  • Work with Club Leader to determine direction of the Club
  • Assist in scheduling Club meetings
  • Coordinate with all executive board members planning/hosting events to maximize efforts and minimize conflicts
  • Attend all board meetings and functions

Communication Chair

  • Keep minutes of all meetings; file event reports to the alumni office
  • Act as communication liaison between the Board and the Fletcher community in said community to ensure effective communication
  • Maintain social media presence
  • Coordinate with Social Chair to draft and communicate relevant website and newsletter content for the Office of Development and Alumni Relations
  • Create/Distribute all marketing materials including, but not limited to: event announcements, activity announcements, reminder emails and member communication
  • Oversee photography for Club events
  • Attend all board meetings and functions


  • Attend board meetings and prepare and present financial statements
  • Manage Club’s bank account, including deposits from events/fundraisers, withdrawals for bills, scholarships, etc.
  • Ensures Club’s good standing with the IRS; including filing tax returns, as required
  • Offer budget advice and assistance to the Club Leader, Associate Club Leader, Social Chair, and other board members managing Club events
  • Coordinate with Membership Chair on annual dues process and payments
  • Monitor Club financial assets to assure sound management and prevent any misuse
  • Attend all board meetings and functions

Social Chair

  • Create a balanced schedule with a focus on social, professional, philanthropic, continuing education, sporting and cultural events
  • Plan general events that cater to the community at large and specific events that cater to a particular age or interest group within the Fletcher community
  • Lead the planning and logistics for approved events.  Event planning involves, but is not limited to, identifying locations, scheduling time/dates, handling on-site matters during the event
  • Investigate potential sponsors to defray event costs
  • Coordinate with Communication Chair to draft and communicate relevant website and newsletter content for the Office of Development and Alumni Relations
  • Attend all board meetings and functions

Membership Chair

  • Recruit and maintain membership
  • Maintain a roster of members in good standing
  • Maintain a historical record of yearly membership of the Club
  • Act as liaison between the Board, Alumni Association staff and reports activity and interest in membership/volunteering to the appropriate contact
  • Develop strategies to recruit and retain memberships by developing benefits of services that meet the needs of Club members
  • Attend all board meetings and functions

General Board Member  

  • Attend all board meetings and functions
  • Be informed about the organization’s mission, services, policies and programs
  • Serve on committees and/or offer to take on special assignments
  • Promote the Fletcher Club in your community

Club Events

Fletcher Clubs will hold events throughout the year to keep alumni connected with each other and The Fletcher School.  Below are guidelines for how many events a Club should hold:

  • Under 50 alumni in Club area = 2 events/year
  • 50-200 alumni in Club area = 3 events/year
  • 200+ alumni in Club area = 4+ events/year

How Fletcher and the Office of Development and Alumni Relations Supports Clubs

  • Serve as a resource for planning Club events and activities, which includes create registration pages, track RSVPs for events, collect dues or fees associated with events
  • Promote Club events via email and the web, including posting to social media sites and university-wide calendars
  • Provides communication tools such as individual email list serves, as well as access to a club website, hosted through the Online Community, and contact lists of alumni located within the Club region
  • Provides Fletcher-branded gifts for event hosts and visiting speakers (when applicable)
  • Maintains, based on request, alumni Club websites found within the Online Community
  • Assists with volunteer transitions, introductions, and when necessary, organizes nominations and elections for a new Club board

Ways to Engage

Fletcher values the contributions of its alumni and we encourage you all to keep in close contact with the Fletcher community. Below are some tools to help you stay in touch!

ONLINE COMMUNITY (OLC): Registering for the OLC will help you stay in touch with classmates, network with fellow alumni and grant you access to exclusive alumni-only features including:

  • A searchable online alumni directory
  • Ability to update your contact/address information at any time
  • Access to various library databases
  • Fletcher Magazine online
  • forwarding email address


Please visit to start the registration process.

  • Click on Register
  • Locate your record
  • Once your record has been found, continue with the registration process and set up your profile and alumni forwarding email address (
  • You may update your professional profile, home address, email address and telephone number at any time.  This in turn maintains the accuracy of the university internal database, and allows for you and fellow alumni to be aware of ongoing changes.


Once registered, be sure to use the directory search to your best advantage. This feature allows you to search for alumni based on any combination of criteria, aside from the person’s name.  You are able to leave fields blank to perform a customized search.  A few examples include; class year, home location, Tufts degree information, non-Tufts degree, job location, job industry, specialty and job title.


We are here to help you Club reach its full potential and look forward to working with you!