Club Resources


We’re frequently asked how alumni can start a Club, or serve as a resource, in their area.  Here is a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations (ODAR)

For a list of existing Fletcher Clubs, visit:

The Office of Development and Alumni Relations will help you assess the alumni population in your area and guide you through the process of establishing an alumni Club or becoming a contact for alumni in your region, or those traveling through. 

To start the process, simply send an email to the team at Someone from the ODAR team will be in touch regarding next steps.   

Step 2: Gauge Interest

Recruiting new volunteers for the Club is essential to vitality and growth.  To gauge interest, we suggest the following:

  • Invite local alumni to a dinner or happy hour to explain what being involved with the Club will entail
  • Along with other interested alumni, work with ODAR to identify those who are interested in leadership roles and those who are interested in a supporting role.

Step 3: Plan an Organizing Meeting

 The first meeting should seek to address the following:

  • Establish goals for the Club
  • Determine appropriate leadership positions and responsibilities
  • Plan a realistic event calendar
  • Determine a specific date, time, location and contact for the first event

Step 4: Hold Your First Event

The inaugural event for a Club can take any number of forms, but a casual and social gathering is generally recommended.  It is important to allow alumni to meet and network with one another.

In accordance with ODAR policies, please observe the following:

  • Work with ODAR staff to ensure all alumni in the area have been notified of the new club
  • Promote the event to your Fletcher community through email and social media
  • We encourage the use of the Online Community in reaching your fellow alumni