Club Resources

The Fletcher Alumni Relations Team is happy to create event registration pages, track RSVP's, create invitations and distribute on behalf of your club. If you decide to seek assistance from our office, we are then able to help promote your event by posting to the Official Alumni Events Calendar, official social media pages, and keep track of active alumni in various areas.

Should your club wish to manage event registrations on your own, we would recommend using Eventbrite, which is a useful tool for collecting event registrations.  This service offers no charge for free events.  Nominal fees apply for events with registration costs.  If you would like to manage your event registrations, but are still interested in an invitation from our office that includes the official Fletcher header, please be in touch! We can arrange this for you, send you the template, and you may distribute to your contact list.

Sign-in sheets: On the day of your event, it is helpful to bring a sign-in sheet so that you can keep track, and cross-check who has attended the event. This also provides Clubs with a way to capture those especially interested in attending or assisting with future events. This information can also be shared with ODAR in order to update contact information.

Surveys: Surveys are a great way of capturing information from a large metropolis. Our Team is happy to work with you in creating and managing surveys on behalf of your club. This can serve as a way to find out when the alumni in your area are available, and what types of events they would be interested in attending. You may also include a question to provide employer details and industry to serve as a networking opportunity.


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