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Hassan Abbas

‘Islam versus the West’ and the Political Thought of AbdolKarim Soroush

Iranian religious thinker AbdolKarim Soroush explores Muslims’ encounters with the West. Soroush offers a vision of religious reform and increased understanding between Islam and the West. 

Geoffrey Gresh

Instigating Instability: Iran’s Support of Non-State Armed Groups in Iraq

The increase in Iranian sponsorship for insurgent, militia, and terrorist activities in Iraq during the past two years is of great concern for the United States and the newly formed government of Iraq as they strive to establish a durable democracy. 

Matthew M. McCandless

Fighting Terror By Indictment : A Review of How the Yemeni Justice Sector is Facing Salafi Jihadist Violence

Yemen has a strong legal system on paper to fight crimes of terrorism, but has largely undercut this potential by skirting these laws in a short-term bid to get suspected terrorists off the streets, which in turn has discredited its efforts and led to the release of many terrorist suspects. 

Amy Senier

Rebuilding the Judicial Sector in Afghanistan: The Role of Customary Law

Instability rendered by a communist coup, Soviet occupation, mujahideen warfare and Taliban rule have left Afghanistan with a “patchwork” of laws, untrained legal practitioners and little physical infrastructure.

Lorenzo Vidino

Arab Foreign Fighters and the Sacralization of the Chechen Conflict

Although foreign Arab fighters numbered just a few dozen when they first arrived in Chechnya in the mid-1990s they have played an essential role in shaping the conflict far beyond their numbers. 

Sarah Yamani

Toward a National Education Development Paradigm in the Arab World: A Comparative Study of Saudi Arabia and Qatar

Education has become a critical issue in defining a state of decline that exists in many Arab countries. Two Gulf states, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, have taken dramatically different approaches to education reform.

A Conversation with Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim

Daniel Benaim interviews Egypt’s best-known dissident intellectual and democracy activist about democracy, civil-military relations, his experience in prison, and his role in Egyptian politics.