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Hassan Abbas

Ulema versus Ijtihad: Understanding the Nature of the Crisis in the Muslim World

Whether Muslims, through reform and reevaluation of their religious doctrines,will be able to come out of the present predicament anytime soon ...will largely depend on the courage and potential of reformers in the Muslim states. 

Yanina Golburt

An In-depth Look at the Jemaah Islamiyah Network

JI[Jemaah Islamiyah] envisions the founding of an Islamic state, Daulah Islamiyah Nusantara, which would include Malaysia, Indonesia, southernT hailand, the southern Philippines and Singapore. 

Rudy Jaafar

Time for Arab History to Follow Its Course

At present, the single most important source of international in stability is America's problematical relationship with the Muslim world generally, and with the Arab world in particular. 

Erica Miller

The Role of Islam in Malaysian Political Practice

The emergence of Muslim politics in Malaysia is therefore tied to the issue of Malay nationalism ... and to the deep and indelible connection between Malay identity and Islam. Indeed, Islam, along with Bahasa Malayu (the Malay language), has been called the chief component of Malay identity.