Wisambi Loundu, 2014, United States

A meaningful project I worked on: 

While working in the Sustainable Development Network (SDN) at the World Bank I had the privilege to work on the delivery of the Bank's infrastructure strategy to the Board of Executive Directors. Among the key pillars of the strategy included a commitment to leverage private capital to support infrastructure development and financing, particularly in sub-Sahara Africa (SSA) where infrastructure services costs (including power, water and sanitation, irrigation, transportation, etc.) are more than double than in other parts of the world. What emerged from this strategy was a public-private partnership policy to help build governments' capacity to create an enabling environment for investors in support of infrastructure development in the region, and to lower the cost of these services.


The experience I gained while working on this strategy illustrated to me quite vividly how the traditional boundaries of the public and private sector are increasingly blurring and that participation between the two actors is critical to achieving sustained growth. While at Fletcher, my interest is to explore different PPP models for improving services delivery in SSA. Currently, my interest is in exploring different PPP models for improving water services delivery in urban cities such as Accra that not only improve the quality of these services but also safeguard access to these services for the poor.

Global issue that brought you to Fletcher:

As I was born in the DR Congo, I want to discover ways that I can play a part in rebuilding the country.

Fields of Study

  • International Political Economy
  • Strategic Management and International Consultancy

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, French Studies, Bryn Mawr College

Experience before Fletcher

  • Junior Professional Associate, Sustainable Development Network (SDN), The World Bank


  • French
  • Lingala
  • English 

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