Research Briefings

Below is a complete listing of researcher papers that contributed to the Report. Summaries of most the papers are available as pdf downloads. The full papers will be published separately in journals and other collections.

Report cover APSA
Paper No. 1

The APSA: Norms and structures for AU’s peace missions

Mulugeta Gebrehiwot Berhe

Paper No. 2

Constitutional changes of government and unconstitutional practices in Africa

 Solomon Dersso
 Report Cover Mandates or Blind dates Ann Fitzgerald
Paper No. 3

Mandates or ‘Blind’ dates? Addressing the challenges of mandate development processes supporting African peace operations

Ann Fitz-Gerald, Paula MacPhee, and Olga Romanova
 Report Cover Mediation Allard Duursma Paper No. 4

African Solutions to African Challenges?: A Statistical Overview of International Mediation in Civil Wars in Africa

Allard Duursma
ASF report cover Ann Fitz-Gerald
Paper No. 5

Bottom-Up or Top-Down? The Need for a Relevant,‘Grounded’ and Distinguishing Peace Operations Doctrine for the African Standby Force

Ann Fitz-Gerald
 Report Cover AMISOM
Paper No. 6

AMISOM: Charting a New Course for African Union Peace Missions

 Dawit Yohannes Wondemagegnehu and Daniel Gebreegziabher Kebede
 Report Cover Sudan Alex de Waal
Paper No. 7

Reflections on Peace in Sudan

 Alex de Waal
 Report Cover Atrocities Prevention Bridget Conley-Zilkic Paper No. 8

Advancing an Anti-Atrocity Agenda for the 21st century

 Bridget Conley-Zilkic
 Report Cover Sexual and Gender Based Violence Paper No. 9

Protection of Civilians from Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) Insights for African Union Peace Missions


 Dyan Mazurana
 Report Cover AU and Sanctions Ben Spatz Paper No. 10

Hitting the Political Heart of Decision-Making Power: Targeted Sanctions, Multilateral Peace Missions and the Key Role of UN Panels of Experts in Africa

 Benjamin J. Spatz
 Report Cover Intervention Libya Jean Louis Romanet and Terek Megerisi
Paper No. 11

International interventions in Libya since 2011: Lessons learned

 Jean-Louis Romanet Perroux and Tarek Megerisi
 Report Cover AU and Libyan Revolution
Paper No. 12

The African Union and responses to the crisis in Libya

 Dawit Toga
 Report Cover Central African Republic Tatiana Carayannis Paper No. 13

Lessons From AU-UN Cooperation in Peace Operations in the Central African Republic (CAR)

 Tatiana Carayannis and Mignonne Fowlis
 Report Cover Democratic Republic of Congo Tatiana Carayannis Paper No. 14

Lessons From AU-UN Cooperation in Peace Operations in The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

 Tatiana Caryannis and Aaron Pangburn
 Report Cover UN Mission Liberia Lansana Gberie Paper No. 15

The United Nations Mission in Liberia

 Lansana Gberie
   Paper No. 16
Transition from war to peace: The Ethiopian DDR experience Mulugeta Gebrehiwot Berhe
  Paper No. 17
The post- transition Ethiopian SSR experience Mulugeta Gebrehiwot Berhe
  Paper No. 18
Do mediations forge missions without end? Dynamics of mission exit 
Sophia Dawkins
  Paper No. 19
Interstate Transnational Armed Politics in Africa Noel Twagiramungu
  Paper No. 20
The Evolution of Post-Conflict Security Sector Reform in Africa Sarah Detzner
  Paper No. 21
Decoding the triumph of doctrine: The success of Ghana’s international peace support operations
John Parkyendu Frinjuah
 Front cover image of Chad summary paper Paper No. 22
Behind the Cliché  of the ‘Desert Warriors’: Militarized politics and Idriss Déby’s global political capital
 Marielle Debos
  Paper No. 23
 Peace support operations in South Sudan  Abebe Teklehaymanot Kahsay