The research in support of the final report includes several consultative workshops, case studies of all of the AU peace missions and commissioned research papers on cross-cutting themes. Additionally, in March 2015, WPF published a preliminary report, "Peace Missions in Africa: Constraints, Challenges, and Opportunities" by Mulugeta Gebrehiwot Berhe and Alex de Waal.

Research Briefings

Expert authors were commissioned to draft papers on cross-cutting themes. These topics include:

Additionally, research papers include in-depth studies of AMISOM (Somalia), Peace missions in Sudan, International interventions in Libya, AU responses to Libya, CAR, D.R. Congo, and Liberia.

Summaries based on these papers are available here.


The first consultation was convened in Addis Ababa in February 2015, taking advantage of the availability of the leading African researchers and practitioners attending the UN High-Level Panel on Peace Support Operations.  Subsequent consultations in 2015 - 2016 convened representatives from key troop contributing countries, force commanders, leaders within the African Union, and researchers.

In November 2016, the World Peace Foundation held consultations in Addis Ababa with policymakers and experts on the proposed deployment of a 'Regional Protection Force' for South Sudan. A policy memo summarizing those consultations is  available here.

Case Studies

The case studies provide an overview of the mandate, missions size, and evolution of AU-led missions in:

Full case study papers are available here.