African Union Flags in Pastel effectAfrican Politics, African Peace charts an agenda for peace in Africa, focusing on how the African Union can implement its norms and use its instruments to prevent and resolve armed conflicts. It is an independent report of the World Peace Foundation, supported by the African Union.

The Report is the most extensive review of the African Union’s peace missions ever conducted. It is based on detailed case studies and cross-cutting research, and draws on consultations with leading experts, peacekeepers, and mediators. It covers African peace and security norms and mechanisms, including conflict prevention, conflict mediation, political missions and the spectrum of military peace operations.

“Peace missions” include political engagement and peace support operations.

This project was supported by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, and the World Peace Foundation.


This study was initiated in December 2014 as a contribution to the African Union’s review of peace missions in Africa, with a view to informing the policies of the AU related to peacekeeping operations, stabilization/enforcement missions, conflict prevention, conflict mediation and political missions.  Amb. Smail Chergui, AU Commissioner for Peace and Security, supported the project throughout. In this regard, the World Peace Foundation initially produced a briefing, "Peace Missions in Africa: Constraints, Challenges, and Opportunities" (March 2015) by Mulugeta Gebrehiwot Berhe and Alex de Waal, to assist the AU Commission in its engagement with the UN High-level Independent Panel on Peace Operations.The final report of the review process, African Politics, African Peace, was launched on July 21, 2016.

The review of peace missions in Africa consisted of the following:

  • Consultations.
The Report examines the important question of the financing of African peace missions only at a general level. This question has been investigated with far greater thoroughness in the report of the AU High Representative for the Peace Fund. Additionally, in our view, the issue of financing is ancillary to the political question of the objectives, mandating and functioning of peace missions.