Map Your Future (MYF)


MYF: A Pathway to the MALD or MIB



Students who are in their final year of undergraduate study, or who have graduated in the past six months, have the option of applying to Fletcher via our Map Your Future (MYF) Pathway. MYF guarantees admitted applicants a place in the MALD or MIB degree program after completing two to three years of professional work experience in a Fletcher-approved position. This highly selective program is intended for those with excellent academic credentials and preparation, a clear professional focus, foreign language proficiency, and a demonstrated track record of success to date. MYF allows professional development and career exploration while guaranteeing a position in a future Fletcher class. 

Work Experience

A major objective of the MYF program is to ensure our incoming students have the opportunity to explore career options and gain professional experience before enrolling at Fletcher.  As a requirement of MYF, when students accept a place in the MALD or MIB program, they agree to complete two years of professional work (paid or unpaid) prior to matriculation.  Ideally, this work will be related to the applicant’s future career goals.  Volunteer positions such as the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps or other service programs would count towards this work requirement, as would paid or unpaid internships that are long-term and substantive in nature.  Some students will choose to complete two full years with one organization, while others may choose to split their time between two or more.

Map Your Future Students are responsible for finding their own employment and should look to the career resources provided by their own undergraduate institutions for guidance and support..

Some examples of organizations where MYF students have pursued for their two years of work include:

Mentor Program

All MYF students are paired with a Fletcher mentor the year before enrolling. The mentors are first year students who also followed the MYF pathway program. This mentor program helps build a Fletcher network before arriving on campus. The mentor is available to help answer questions and act as a general resource as the mentee prepares for Fletcher matriculation. Once on campus, mentees become mentors and help advise the newest cohort of MYFs.

The admissions office will also check in with you throughout your two years of work and also ask you to update your employment and enrollment plans periodically.


    Because MYF is designed for college seniors or those who have recently graduated, we offer two deadlines: one in December and another in June, enabling students to apply during their senior year, or within six months of their graduation. Admission to the Map Your Future Program is not binding for applicants, however there is a non-refundable $500 deposit required to hold your place in the future class.

    Apply by December 20: Notification by February 1; Enrollment decision and deposit due by May 1.

    Apply by June 20: Notification by July 15; Enrollment decision and deposit due by August 15. 

    Application Requirements

    • Application for Admission 
    • Official Transcripts
    • Two Letters of Recommendation
    • Essay 1: Please tell us your goals for graduate study at Fletcher and for your career. Describe elements of your personal, professional, and/or academic background that have prepared you for your chosen career path. Why is The Fletcher School the right place for you to pursue your academic objectives and to prepare you to meet your professional goals? Why have you selected the degree program to which you are applying?
    • Essay 2: To help the Committee on Admissions get to know you better, please share an anecdote, or details about an experience or personal interest, that you have not elaborated on elsewhere in the application.
    • Essay 3: What professional opportunities do you plan or hope to pursue during the next two years? What do you hope to learn and what skills do you hope to cultivate?
    • Résumé
    • Official GRE or GMAT scores
    • Official TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE scores. (Required for international students whose native language is not English and who have not earned a university degree where English was the primary language of instruction.)
    • Evaluative Interview (Optional)

    Evaluative Interview 

    An evaluative interview is a valuable way for you to share information about yourself and to learn how The Fletcher School will meet your academic and professional goals. We offer both in-person interviews as well as a limited schedule of Skype interviews. The interview is strongly recommended, but is not a required part of the admissions process. Please see our interview schedule here.

    If you would like to interview during a time that is not offered on the schedule, please email for availability. Be sure to mention that you are applying via the Map Your Future pathway. 


    Scholarship assistance is available to US and international Map Your Future applicants. Admitted and enrolling MYF candidates will be sent an application for scholarship aid the November prior to their year of enrollment.  Applications for scholarship aid must be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid by January 1 of the year of enrollment.  MYF candidates will be notified in mid-March of their award.

    Admitted Map Your Future candidates who submit a scholarship application are guaranteed a minimum award of $10,000.  Additional funds may be awarded based on a combination of merit and need. By completing the scholarship application, applicants are eligible for all Fletcher scholarships.  Scholarships are renewable in the second year for those students who maintain full-time status and remain in good academic standing.

    For more information about Fletcher Scholarships, please visit the financial aid section of the website.

    Student Testimonials

    Leland Lazarus 
    MALD 2016

    Work Prior to Fletcher:  
    Year 1: Fulbright in Panama
    Year 2: China Central Television, Associate Producer

    “When I was about to graduate from undergrad at Brown University, I wasn't certain that I wanted to continue down the academic path of international relations. I was deeply interested in the subject, and I had a vague understanding of what careers an IR degree would entail, but I didn't know which path was right for ME. So I decided to apply for the MYF program to give myself the security of knowing that I would attending graduate school in the future, but also the freedom to experience IR in the real world."

    Hear more from Leland

    Ali Edelstein
    MIB 2016

    Work Prior to Fletcher:
    2 years: Program Manager, Fulbright Belgium

    “The MYF pathway kind of chose me. I wanted to go to Fletcher right after university, because I thought my internships had given me sufficient insight into what I wanted to do with my life. I was wrong. I'm glad the Admissions Committee introduced me to the MYF pathway and encouraged me to gain some work experience first -- one, because I would have felt lost in the Fletcher classroom without it, and two, because that experience totally shifted my career plans to what they are today.” 

    Hear more from Ali

    Eitan Paul
    MALD 2016

    Eitan Paul 

    Year 1: Program Associate, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs
    Year 2: Princeton in Asia Fellow - National Democratic Institute, Cambodia

    "I am tremendously grateful for the perspective I gained in the two years between my undergraduate and graduate studies -- both in terms of clarifying my interests and in terms of gaining relevant professional experience."

    Hear more from Eitan

    Hope Schaitkin 
    MALD 2017

    Work Prior to Fletcher: 
    Year 1: EastWest Institute (Food-Water-Energy Nexus Program) & Tetra Tech (projects in South Sudan, Haiti and Saudi Arabia)
    Year 2: USAID (Afghanistan Engineering Support Program)

    "Map Your Future was the perfect program for me because I knew early on that I wanted to attend The Fletcher School, and it gave me the opportunity to be really strategic about the type of employment I wanted to pursue in between undergraduate and graduate school. The two years of work experience that I gained during this period really informed, but also transformed, my interests and therefore my fields of study at Fletcher."

    Hear more from Hope

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If I have applied unsuccessfully for MALD or MIB admission through the traditional admissions process, can I reapply to MYF?

    Yes. To be considered, email with a detailed request. You will be required to submit additional application materials, and will be notified of next steps after your initial request for consideration.

    If I apply to MYF and am not admitted, can I reapply to Fletcher in a future year?

    You may apply (not through Map Your Future) to one of Fletcher’s degree programs in a future year using our reapplication procedures.  You are not disadvantaged in your future application as a result of being denied admission to the Map Your Future Program.

    I'm a senior in college. Is there a possibility that I could still be admitted for enrollment through the traditional admission process?

    Yes, Fletcher admits a small number of highly qualified candidates directly from undergraduate studies. However, work experience is an important part of the Fletcher student profile, and we encourage students still in college to consider applying to MYF instead.

    Will I have access to career services and the alumni database?

    Not until you have officially matriculated at Fletcher will you have access to these resources. However, Map Your Future students will have the opportunity to attend Fletcher events and network with other Map Your Future students during this time.

    Are dual degrees possible with MYF?

    Yes, but the program still requires you to complete two years of professional experience prior to enrollment at Fletcher, and an MYF student cannot be enrolled as a full-time student at another institution during those two years. Should your dual degree require you to begin your studies at the other institution, you should request a deferral from Fletcher. Upon approval of your written request, a non-refundable deferral deposit is required, which will be applied to your first semester tuition bill.

    Can I extend my work beyond two years?

    Yes, we will consider requests to extend your work for an additional year. Should you seek a work extension, you must submit a written request to