Hall of FlagsAn admissions interview is a valuable way for you to share information about yourself and to learn how The Fletcher School will meet your academic and professional goals. The evaluative interview is a recommended, but not a required, part of the admissions process. PhD applicants, in particular, are encouraged to schedule an interview. Interviews are should be completed at least one week before your application is submitted. We offer both on-campus and online interviews:

On-Campus Interviews
Campus interviews are generally conducted by carefully selected and trained Fletcher students, and occasionally by admissions staff. The format is relaxed and allows you to share information that may not have a place in the application. The interviewer will take notes which will become part of your application file.

Interviews are generally conducted Monday through Friday from September through December 7th, and on a limited basis until January 9th and during the summer months. As availability is limited, we encourage you to schedule your interview well in advance of the desired date.

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