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Our Alumni

Manjula Dissanayake

Manjula Dissanayake


Founder, Educate Lanka Foundation, Inc.

Dissanayake was thousands of miles away from his home just outside of Sri Lanka’s capital, studying finance  and preparing for a job in investment banking, when the 2004 tsunami hit. Like many, though, he was shaken by the destruction and moved to help rebuild the human and physical capital of the struggling country. That inspiration led him to create a social enterprise dedicated to educate the underserved in Sri Lanka. That venture, now called Educate Lanka Foundation, Inc. Read more

Our Alumni

Elliot Ackerman



There was a moment five years ago when Elliot Ackerman (MALD ’03) found himself and his U.S. Marine Corps unit in Farah, a very violent and rugged Afghan province on the western border with Iran. As a Marine special operator, he was helping train a group of Afghan commandos, the equivalent of the U.S. Army’s Rangers. Read more