North America

Kirsten Zeiter, MALD '16, working for UN Women in New York City.

North America as a region is a focus of many international students, though U.S. students may also wish to better understand U.S. foreign policy. The United States Field of Study serves as the platform for those interested in the region, with the opportunity to build expertise through associated internships, special lectures, and the option to interact with hundreds of alumni working for the U.S. government. Canada receives attention through special lectures, and is an area of partnership as Fletcher continues to engage around Arctic issues

Sample Courses
Recent Capstones
  • "Effect of State Incentives on Plugin Electric Vehicle Sales in the U.S."
  • "Redefining the United States' Approach to Academic Success"
  • "Progress, Opportunity, Prosperity? A Case Study of the Digitization of a Conditional Cash Transfer Program in Mexico"
  • "This is Us -- Lessons Learned and Strategies for the Future"
  • "The Rise of Conscious Consumerism and A New Paradigm for Business: The Buy-One Give-One Model"
  • "Fundamental Success Factors for Public-Private Partnerships in Infrastructure Development"
  • "Engaging Institutional Investors in Responsible Investing"
  • "Aligning Appetite with Risk: Attracting Retail Investors to Early Stage Impact Investing"
  • "Early Warning Signals and Policy Responses to the U.S. Financial Crisis 2007-09"
  • "The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act impact on U.S. investment abroad"
  • "The role of Derivatives in the Bankruptcy of Detroit"
  • "Migration By Choice, Not Necessity? Shifts in the Migration and Development Discourse Since 2007"
  • "Business and Human Rights: Building Effective Voluntary Regulations"
  • "Cyber-Insecurity: Why the Race for Cyber Dominance Will Hinder the Development of an Effective International Framework for Managing Cyber Threats"
  • "The Evolution of the Global Arms Industry from the End of the Cold War Through the Present"
  • "The National Interest and Country Positions in International Climate Negotiations"
  • "Tilting the Scale: Exploring the role of governmental regulation in managing the global obesity epidemic"
  • "Mexico's Energy Reform: A Lifesaver for a Drowning Industry"
  • "Tilting the Scale: Exploring the role of governmental regulation in managing the global obesity epidemic"
Alumni Clubs

United States


Club Leader: Morgan Lerette (F13)

Los Angeles

Club Leader: Mark Nguyen (F 98)

San Diego

Club Leader: Robert Steck (F81)

San Francisco

Club Leader: Meredith Ludlow (F03)


Club Leader: Carl Delfeld (F80)

District of Columbia

Club Leader: Jimmy Antia (F09)

Florida (Miami)

Club Leaders: Saba Haq (F09), Stephanie Hanford-Hess (F04)

Georgia (Atlanta)

Club Leader: Tim Holly (F79)


Club Leader: Greg Nakano (F01)

Illinois (Chicago)

Club Leader: Gregg Baker (F85)

Massachusetts (Boston)

Club Leaders: Addie Chamberlain (F08),

New York

Fletcher Club of New York

Oregon (Portland)

Club Leader: Kristen Rainey (F06)


Club Leader: Tommy Heanue (F90)


Club Leaders: Tom Etzel (F11), Elisabet Dennehy (F89, F90)

Texas (Houston)

Club Leader: Samina Jain (F08)

Washington (Seattle)

Club Leaders: Julie Bennion (F01), Brianna Dieter (F13)

Canada (Ontario)

Club Leader: Aziza Mohammed (F12)


Club Leaders: Gustavo E. Aceves Rivera (F12), Enrique Alanis (F12)

Selected Faculty Specialists

Daniel Drezner Katrina Burgess Richard Shultz, Professor of International Politics at Tufts Fletcher School Lawrence Krohn Tufts Fletcher School Lawrence A. Weiss, Professor of Accounting at Tufts Fletcher School Phil Uhlmann
Daniel Drezner Katrina Burgess Richard Shultz Lawrence Krohn Lawrence Weiss Phil Uhlmann

Selected Alumni

Laurence Nguyen Fletcher
Mariana Benitez Tiburcio, The Fletcher School
Joe Dunford Fletcher
Laurence Nguyen
MIB 11
Crude Oil & Refined Products - Senior National Account Manager

   Read Laurence's story

Mariana Benitez Tiburcio
LLM 12
Deputy Attorney General for International and Legal Affairs of Mexico

   Read Mariana's story

General Joseph Dunford
MA 92
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

   Read more about General Dunford


Emmy-Award Winning Journalist David Hartman Speaks at Inaugural Event of the Reinvigorated Edward R. Murrow Center