Julia Brooks, MALD '16, with the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo.

With its pivotal role in world affairs, Europe is naturally an area of focus for many Fletcher students.  Whether they link the countries of the continent to their study of the environment, security, or international economics, there are faculty members able to support their interests.  With classes focused directly on Europe, such as U.S.-European Relations Since the Fall of the Berlin Wall; Europeanization and the Domestic Impact of European Integration; and Political Economy and Business of the European Union; as well as others, such as Comparative Legal Systems that look at Europe along with other regions, there are ample offerings to self-design a Europe field.

Members of the faculty with a special interest in European affairs include Cecile Aptel and Klaus Scharioth . Student groups with a focus on the region include the European Affairs Society (Euro Club); conferences and lectures focused on Europe are regular offerings.

Finally, there are many exchange programs that offer students the opportunity to study for a semester or a year in Europe, including:

Sample Courses
Recent Capstones
  • "Mediating Constitutional Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina: An Analysis of Three Constitutional Reform Attempts"
  • "Estimating the Short-Term Elasticity of Residential Electricity Demand - Evidence from a German Field Experiment"
  • "Why Export Gas To Europe? A Comparative Analysis of Qatar and Russia's Perspective On Gas Markets' Dynamics."
  • "Exporting the AKP: Turkey as an emerging donor of development aid in Bosnia-Herzogovina and beyond"
  • "Converging Policies and Competing Interests: Securitized Migration Policies in the European Union and their Impact on Conflict-Affected Migrants"
  • "Needs Must: Success, Failures, and Lessons of the Messy U.S. Occupation of West Germany after WWII"
  • "Re-¬≠inventing the Newsroom: Understanding the Business Models in Political Newspapers in Southeastern Europe"
  • "Between the Poles of Polish Memory: Diverging Narratives of Exile in the Soviet Union"
  • "Privatization of the Electricity Distribution Companies in Turkey"
  • "The Effects of Corruption and Arms Imports on FDI: Case of Turkey"
Alumni Clubs


Club Leaders: Rainer Staub (F96), Jonathan Tirone (F00)


Club Leader: Mark Baker (F95)

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Club Leader: Haris Mesinovic (F00)


Club Leader: Nadja Milanova (F12), Radka Betcheva (F11)


Club Leader: Tannaz Banisadre (F06)


Club Leaders: William Holmberg (F05)



Club Leaders: Paul Maidowski (F13), Tihomir Tsenkulovski (F09)


Club Leader: Joel El-Qalqili (F15)


Club Leaders: Thomas Varvitsiotis (F99), Gregory Dimitriadis (F06)


Club Leader: Chiara di Segni (F15)


Club Leader: Anita Orban (F01)


Club Leader: Christine Shepherd Vermeulen (F12)


Club Leader: Jennifer Croft (F99)


Club Leader: Nicolas Fierens Gevaert (F09)


Club Leader: Sinziana Frangeti (F07)


Club Leader: Alberto Lopez San Miguel (F96)



Club Leader: Anand Balachandran (F02)


Club Leader: Joachim Jan Thraen (F12)


Club Leader: Nesli Tombul (F12)

Selected Faculty Specialists

Cheyenne Scharbatke Church Laurent Jacque
Carsten Kowalczyk Hurst Hannum, Professor of International Law at Tufts Fletcher School
Cheyenne Scharbatke
Laurent Jacque
Carsten Kowalczyk Hurst Hannum
Ian Johnstone, Professor of International Law at Tufts Fletcher School Jeswald Salacuse
Ian Johnstone
Jeswald Salacuse

Selected Alumni

Cristiana Pasca Palmer
Rytis Valunas, The Fletcher School
Stewart Kelly Fletcher
Cristiana Pasca Palmer
PhD 14
Minister of Environment, Waters, and Forestry - Romania

   Read Cristiana's story

Rytis Valunas
LLM 11
AB Klaipedos Nafta (Lithuania), LNG Termina Lawyer

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Stewart Kelly
Veracity Worldwide (London), Managing Director

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