Self Designed Fields of Study

Fletcher’s flexible curriculum allows students to design their own Field of Study to meet individual academic interests. Along with an academic advisor, students may combine their courses taken at Fletcher with courses from Tufts University, Harvard University, and other institutions, to develop a Field of Study.

Recent examples of these student-created concentrations include:

  • International Human Rights
  • International Migration and Refugee Studies
  • Private Sector Development
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Forced Migration
  • NGO Management
  • International Education
  • Oceanic Studies
  • Science Diplomacy

Specialized fields are subject to approval by a faculty committee and are coordinated by the student and the academic advisor. Students often pursue geographic areas of concentration such as Africa, Latin America, or Southeast Asia Area Studies within the context of our functional fields.

As a reminder, please note:

  • A course may be counted for credit in only one Field of Study.
  • Courses, however, may be used to meet both Divisional Breadth Requirements and Field of Study requirements simultaneously.
For more detailed information about a Self-Designed Field of Study, please refer to the Student Handbook.