Public & NGO Management

Most students choose to pursue summer internships in their fields of interest. Select student internships include:

Centre for Microfinance Research
Chennai, India

"I enjoyed the flexibility and freedom I had to travel and interview a wide diversity of people with different experiences and perspectives on microfinance. I traveled through Orissa, India, interviewing microfinance stakeholders about the socio-political environment in which microfinance institutions operate."

Grameen Telecom
Dhaka, Bangladesh

“I conducted a project evaluation for a Telemedicine project. I was able to work with the technology component in a development initiative, which made it interesting for me. I was able to study the challenges these initiatives face in situations with limited resources.”

The Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College
Newton, MA

“During the summer, I wrote issue papers on topics relevant to business such as globalization, the changing social contract, and how inequality effects community relations. I also wrote case studies on CSR programs and private-public partnerships, and assisted in the design of a management framework for integrating corporate citizenship in the business. This internship enabled me to learn a lot about the field of corporate citizenship.”

Smiths Detection
Bangkok, Thailand

"I was able to observe, interact, and work with Thai government officials at the highest levels of aviation and critical infrastructure security. My responsibilities included advising the Regional Director of Smiths Detection on financial lease structuring, government tenders, and security agreements with Thai authorities. I was also able to participate in agreement negotiation for security apparatus at the new international airport."

Winrock International
Kathmandu, Nepal

"Nepal is beautiful and fascinating. I was treated like a professional rather than a student. I was given a great deal of responsibility and any and all available resources to help me accomplish my tasks. My time was divided between the field (25%) and city (75%), which included a number of conferences and meetings with other NGOs. I did extensive field research, some data analysis, trained local staff, and drew on material from each of my first year's classes in order to accomplish all this. It was intense, challenging, and rewarding."