Public & NGO Management

Recent Lectures and Events

Gentle Invasions: NGO Funding and the Manipulation of Civil Society within Transitional States
Denise Horn, Assistant Professor of International Affairs at Northeastern University, discusses the development of a new international regime in which hegemonic states have used funding for non-governmental organizations to manipulate the development of civil society in transitional states (Estonia, Moldova and Thailand).

Code Red: The Emergency Business of International Humanitarian Aid
Landon Greenhalgh, Founder and CEO, Global Emergency Group

Delivering Social Impact
Trends from the Field of Social Innovation, and Pursuing a Career in CSR Consulting, FSG Social Impact Advisors

Below the Base of the Pyramid: Savings and the Ultra Poor
Jeffrey Ashe, Director, Community Finance at Oxfam; Malcolm Harper, Chairman of M-Cril; and Kim Wilson, Lecturer at Fletcher speak on the miracles and myths of savings-led microfinance.

Microfinance: The Next Generation
John and Ana Hammock, both Fletcher graduates, address changes in microfinance since its earliest days, its future in the arenas of development and commerce and the issues surrounding financial literacy both domestically and overseas.

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