Political Systems & Theories

Recent Events & Lectures

A New Turkey and an Old America Charles Francis Adams Lecture by Ambassador Morton Abramowitz. Former president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the International Crisis Group, Ambassador Abramowitz was also ambassador to Turkey during the Persian Gulf War.

Seventeen Years of Association With The Land of Fire Thomas Goltz reflects on nearly two decades of change in the reborn Republic of Azerbaijan, from the chaos of the early 1990s to the emerging petro-state of the early 21st century.

Venezuela on the Spot: Current Trends Panel discussion on the current Venezuela's political developments and challenges.

Three Tale of Horror: The Demons and Inner Hatreds of Early Turkish Nationalism Roundtable discussion lead by Halil Berktay, Associate Professor of History, Sabanci University, Istanbul.

The Process of Drafting Kosovo's New Constitution Professor Louis Aucoin gives a first-hand account and discussion on how Kosovo's new constitution has been drafted.

Round Table on the current state of Cuba Fletcher professors John Hammock and Katrina Burgess and Mr. Ruben Stern, Director the Tufts Latino Center, discuss the current developments of the political agenda in Cuba.