About The Field

The Marketing field investigates the fundamental activities, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. Its relevance speaks to both developed and emerging markets and spans across the private, public, and non-profit sectors. In addition to careers in product and brand management, communication and public relations, and the growing area of social media, the Marketing field is pertinent for students interested in general management careers, entrepreneurial management, as well as management consulting. The Marketing field helps students acquire the tools, concepts, and grounding in the basic disciplines (e.g., psychology, economics, statistics) essential to understanding consumer and organizational behaviors and to developing successful marketing strategies.

Students should refer to the Registrar's Field of Study Guide for definitive requirements in a given academic year.


Tatiana Popa Fletcher
Chris Hummel of Siemens Enterprise Communications
Sarah Cartmell Fletcher
Tatiana Popa
MIB 10
Pfizer Dubai,
Business Strategy

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Chris Hummel
Siemens Enterprise
Communications North American

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Sarah Cartmell
GE Intelligent Platforms
Global Product Marketer

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Outside the Classroom

  • From Disorder to Order: The Dharma of Entrepreneurship
  • Tufts Innovation Symposium: Customer in Context
  • The Alibaba IPO: Leveraging Opportunity and Law in a Global Market
  • Cause Branding, Marketing and Corporate Responsibility: Trends and Cases
  • International Business Development and Branding
  • Business Diplomacy - Translating Political Skills to the Business Environment
    • Johnson & Johnson - Tokyo, Japan
    • APCO Worldwide - Washington, DC
    • Aubridge Partners - Shanghai, China
    • Hitachi Research Institute - Tokyo, Japan
    • "Nation Branding: Greece, a Country in Crisis"
    • “The New Frontier of Development: How Securitization and Risk Spreading in the Microfinance Industry Can Benefit Development and the Private Sector”
    • "Engaging Institutional Investors in Responsible Investing"
    • “The Exit Option as Indicator of Financial Development: An Examination of East Asia & Pacific Private Equity-Backed Exits”
    • “The Valuation and Financial Analysis of High-Growing Companies - Theory and Application”
    • "State Branding in the 21st Century"
    • "Tourism and Economic Development in Tanzania"
    • "Refining Entrepreneurial Marketing to Create Sustainable Value at the Base of the Pyramid"
    • "Jamela Market Research & Business Plan"
    • "The Rise of Conscious Consumerism and A New Paradigm for Business: The Buy-One Give-One Model"
    • "Nation Branding of Pakistan: Branding "The Most Dangerous Nation in the World""
    • International Business Club
    • International Communications Club
    • Fletcher Net Impact

    Learn From The Experts: Fletcher Faculty

    Bernard Simonin, Professor of Marketing and International Business at The Fletcher School"If you are interested in studying Marketing in conjunction with International Business, you will soon discover that Fletcher and the greater Boston area are exactly the right place to be."

    Bernard Simonin, Professor of Marketing and International Business

    Other faculty with expertise in the field:

    Carolyn Gideon Christopher Tunnard
    Carolyn Gideon Christopher Tunnard