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Drafting Kosovo’s New Constitution
Professor Louis Aucoin, who has been advising the constitutional commission in Kosovo, gives his first-hand account on the drafting of Kosovo's new constitution.

Local Approaches to Transitional Justice
Hosted by The Fletcher Human Rights Club, International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Club and the International Law Society Present.

Should the government act now to limit CO2 emissions?
The Annual Everett-Moomaw Debate.

Azerbaijan: Challenges and Opportunities
A Round Table Discussion on the recent elections and the peace process.

The Future of Kosovo: Challenges and Opportunities
A panel featuring Ashraf Ghani, former Minister of Finance of Afghanistan and Director of the Institute for State Effectiveness (who recently did an assessment of needs for the government of Kosovo); Fletcher professor Louis Aucoin, (who has been advising the constitutional commission in Kosovo); and Fron Nahzi, Vice President, East West Management Institute (EWMI has been working with civil society and government in Kosovo for the past 9 years).

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  • International Law Society (Jessup)