International Security Studies

  • The International Security Studies field of study requires the completion of a minimum of three course credits for MALD and MIB students.
  • The International Security Studies field of study requires the completion of a minimum of four course credits for PhD students.
  • MALD students taking the International Security Studies field are required
    to take P240 and at least two other course credits.

  • PhD students taking the International Security Studies field must take P240 and at least three other course credits.

  • A second required course for PhD students should be selected from a list that includes P206, P241, and P245.
As a reminder, please note:
  • A course may be counted for credit in only one Field of Study.
  • In those cases where a course is listed in more than one Field of Study, the student may choose the Field of Study in which it is to be credited.
  • Courses, however, may be used to meet both Divisional Breadth Requirements and Field of Study requirements simultaneously.

Faculty Supervising this Field of Study: Professor Richard H. Shultz


ILO L216  International Humanitarian Law
[ILO L224]
Peace Operations
ILO L262 Foreign Relations and National Security Law
DHP D267 The Globalization of Central Asia and the Caucasus
DHP H205
The Historian's Art and Current Affairs
DHP P202 Leadership in Public and Private Sector Organizations
DHP P205 Decision Making and Public Policy
DHP P213 Religion and Politics
[DHP P214]
The Evolution of Grand Strategy
DHP P223m
Political Violence
*DHP P240 The Role of Force in International Politics
DHP P241 Policy and Strategy in the Origins, Conduct, and Termination of War
[DHP P242] Proliferation-Counterproliferation and Homeland Security Issues
DHP P243 Internal Conflicts and War
DHP P244 Modern Terrorism and Counterterrorism
DHP P245 Crisis Management and Complex Emergencies
DHP P247 Civil-Military Relations
DHP P249
 Foundations of International Cybersecurity
DHP P273
The Strategic Dimensions of China's Rise
EIB B223
 Informal and Underground Finance

* This course is required for constitution of the field.
++ Any one of these courses may be used as the required course in the field.
+ Any one of these courses may be used as the second required course in the field.
[ ] Bracketed courses are those not offered 2014-2015.
Unless otherwise indicated, students need three course credits to complete a field of study. Modular courses count as one-half credit and if listed in a field, two must be taken to complete one course.

Professors with expertise in the field

Robert L. Pfaltzgraff, Jr.
Richard H. Shultz

Research Centers

International Security Studies Program

Student Theses

Demystifying the Sponsor-Proxy Relationship: The Case of Syria and its Armed Groups (MALD 2010)

Profits Over Politics? Case Studies of the Relationship between Colombia's FARC and Afghanistan's Taliban and the Illicit Drug Industry (MALD 2010)

The Policy of Attraction: U.S. Civil Governance during the Philippine American War (1899-1902)" (MALD 2010)

Mothers and Martyrs: Hamas' Use of Female Suicide Bombers and the Reinterpretation of Women's Roles in Jihad (MALD 2010)

Environmental Security: Possibilities for US Military Engagement (MALD 2010)

Achieving Complex National Security Missions: A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Design and Management of Collaborative Institutions (MALD 2009)

Of Peace and Justice: The Impact of Human Rights in Peacemaking (MALD 2008)