International Political Economy

  • The International Political Economy field of study requires the completion of a minimum of three course credits from the list below.
  • As a reminder, please note:
    • A course may be counted for credit in only one Field of Study.
    • In those cases where a course is listed in more than one Field of Study, the student may choose the Field of Study in which it is to be credited.
    • Courses, however, may be used to meet both Divisional Breadth Requirements and Field of Study requirements simultaneously.
  • Faculty Supervising this Field of Study: Professor Katrina Burgess and Daniel W. Drezner

Core Courses:

[++DHP P216]

Research and Writing in the Global Political Economy

++DHP P217 Global Political Economy
++DHP P219 Political Economy of Development
DHP P287m
Political Economy and Business of the European Union
DHP P294m
Political Economy and Business Context of Latin America
EIB E244m The Political Economy of Reform, Growth, and Equity
[EIB E250] Macroeconomic Problems of Middle Income Countries: Focus on Latin America
EIB B223
Informal and Underground Finance
EIB B270m
Business Groups in Asia
EIB B272m
The Political Economy and Business Environments of Greater China
EIB B284 Petroleum in the Global Economy


Students may use one of the following course as their third course in the field:

ILO L230 International Business Transactions
ILO L239m Corporate Governance in International Business and Finance 
ILO L240 Legal and Institutional Aspects of International Trade
ILO L250 Law and Development
DHP P222 Development Aid in Practice
EIB E220 International Trade and Investment
EIB E221 Advanced International Trade and Investment
EIB E230 International Finance
EIB E243 Agriculture and Rural Development in Developing Countries
EIB B226 Large Investment and International Project Finance
EIB B231 International Business Strategy and Operations
EIB B234 Strategic Management in Privatizing and Deregulating Industries
EIB B239m Corporate Governance in International Business and Finance

* This course is required for constitution of the field.
++ Any one of these courses may be used as the required course in the field.
+ Any one of these courses may be used as the second required course in the field.
[ ] Bracketed courses are those not offered 2014-2015.
Unless otherwise indicated, students need three course credits to complete a field of study. Modular courses count as one-half credit and if listed in a field, two must be taken to complete one course.

Professors with expertise in the field

Katrina Burgess
John A. Burgess
Daniel W. Drezner
Bruce M. Everett
Nancy F. Hite
Carsten Kowalczyk
Michael W. Klein
Lawrence Krohn
Joel P. Trachtman 

Student Theses

Privatizing Pyramids: A Case Study of the Sale of State-Owned Bank of Cairo (MIB 2010)

A Real Great Leap Forward: History, Drivers And Expected Trends Of  M&A In the People’s Republic Of China (MALD 2010)

The High Cost of Borrowing: An Analysis of the Determinants of High Interest Rates in Brazil (MALD 2010)

State Branding in the 21st Century (MALD 2009)

Achieving Complex National Security Missions: A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Design and Management of Collaborative Institutions (MALD 2009)

Defining Corruption: A Comparison of the Substantive Criminal Law of Public Corruption in the United States and the United Kingdom (MALD 2009)

The Political Potential of Israel-GCC Business Relations (MALD 2009)

Distributional and Welfare Effects of Including Corn into NAFTA and the Social, Economic, Political and International Repercussions for Mexico (MALD 2008)