International Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

Recent Lectures and Events

Corporations and Human Rights: Accountability Mechanisms for Dispute Resolution
Caroline Rees, F '98 from the Center for Business and Government. (November 2007)

Disarming, Demobilizing and Reintegrating the Kurdistan Worker’s Party
David L. Phillips will discuss the latest report by the National Committee on American Foreign Policy. (December 2007)

Negotiating Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration
Anton Baare discusses the Lord's Resistance Army and Uganda. (April 2008)

Azerbaijan: Challenges and Opportunities
Round Table Discussion on the Upcoming Elections and the Peace Process. (January 2008)

The Role of Negotiation and Mediation in Global Conflict Management
Over 90 percent of 350 conflicts that started since 1945 were managed through negotiation and mediation. Jacob Bercovitch shared his findings on these cases. (April 2008)

The Application of Complexity Science to Peacebuilding and Conflict Analysis
This two-day cutting edge international research conference brought together experts and practitioners from vastly different disciplines: cognitive science, psychology, ecology, urban planning, economics, systems dynamics, computational modeling, anthropology, conflict resolution and negotiation, development, political science, humanitarian affairs, and peacebuilding. (August 2007)

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