International Business and Economic Law


About The Field

International business and economic law involves the public international law and domestic law applicable to international business transactions between private parties, as well as the public international law applicable to trade and investment relations between or among states. The concerns of international economic and business law relate to the international economy, and involve sales of goods, trade in services, intellectual property licensing and protection, international finance and foreign direct investment, as well as the settlement of disputes relating thereto. This field is affiliated with international business studies and with international economic studies, and also relates to international political economy. This field also involves international organizations related to international business and economic activity, including multilateral organizations such as the WTO or the IMF, regional organizations such as the European Union or NAFTA and functional organizations such as the Basle Committee on Bank Regulation. Students who present this field will be expected to understand the legal context of international business transactions, as well as how states relate to one another in the international economy.

Students should refer to the Registrar's Field of Study Guide for definitive field requirements in a given academic year.


Graduates of The Fletcher School's field of development economic studies are in great demand by employers in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. These are a sample of Fletcher current students and alums:

Charles Dallara Fletcher
Hyejin Park, The Fletcher School
Robert Hormats Fletcher
Charles Dallara
MA 75PhD 86
Partner, Vice Chairman
of the Board of Directors,
Chairman of the Americas,
Partners Group

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Hyejin Park
LLM 12
Judicial Research Commissioner
at the Supreme Court of

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Robert Hormats
MA 66PhD 70
Vice Chairman, Kissinger
Associates, Former
Under Secretary of State
for Economic Growth, Energy,
and the Environment

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Outside the Classroom

  • The Tobacco Wars: International Litigation, Health Protection and Economic Law
  • The Alibaba IPO: Leveraging Opportunity and Law in a Global Market
  • Challenging Times: The Fed's Role in Today's Global Financial System
  • U.S.-Korea Relations, Political/Security, & Economic/Trade Issues
  • Mutual Gains Approach: Recent Experiences in International Context
  • Mexico's Financial Reform
  • The Power of We: The Role of Business in Solving Society's Challenges
  • Global Investing: Practitioner's Lab with Masha Gordon
  • Panel Discussion on Private Sector Internships in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • The Future of American Superpower: Implications for Security, Politics, & Markets
  • Technology and Inclusive Innovation: The IBM Story in Africa
  • Global Leaders Speaker: Paul Polman
    • Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) - Washington, DC
    • Baker & McKenzie LLP - Chicago, IL
    • Ernst & Young - Chicago, IL
    • BNP Paribas - New York City, NY
    • Liberty Mutual Insurance Company - Boston, MA
    • U.S. Department of the Treasury, East Asia Office - Washington, DC
    • U.S. Mission to the European Union, Commercial Service - Brussels, Belgium
    • United States Trade and Development Agency - Washington, DC
    • United States Treasury - Vienna, VA
    • "Legal & Other Key Strategic Considerations for Inbound Investments in the Chinese Healthcare Industry"
    • "Do Tax Incentives Affect Investment?: The Effect of Sector-Specific Tax Incentives on Foreign Direct Investment in Brazil"
    • "Mexico's Energy Reform: A Lifesaver for a Drowning Industry"
    • "The prospect of electric power market deregulation in Japan"
    • "Malaysia's development challenges for moving up the value chain: Analysis of cluster development policy"
    • "Business in Bulgaria: An Overview for Investors and Managers in 2010"
    • "A Real Great Leap Forward: History, Drivers And Expected Trends Of M&A In the People’s Republic Of China"
    • "Collaborative Value Sharing Between Profit and NonProfit Partners in Emerging Markets: The Case of GrameenPhone in Bangladesh"
    • "Prospect of Energy Link Between Central Asia and China: A Study on the Development of 'Energy Silk Route,' the Turkmenistan - China Pipeline"
    • Fletcher Finance Club
    • International Business Club
    • Fletcher Political Risk Group
    • ASEAN Society
    • European Affairs Society
    • International Law Society

    A Fletcher education is highly customizable, and each student may decide on a different academic trajectory to suit his or her own professional and academic goals. To get a better sense of how these individual curricular decisions can play out, we asked recent students in their final semester to talk about their goals, their classes, and the decisions made during their Fletcher career. Meet Ali:

    Pre-Fletcher Experience  

    • Program Manager, Fulbright Commission, Brussels, Belgium

    Fields of Study

    Strategic Management and International Consultancy
    International Business & Economic Law

    Post-Fletcher Professional Goals

    Investor relations and corporate responsibility

    Curriculum Overview

    I came to Fletcher to learn how to promote private-sector investments in international social and environmental initiatives. As I prepare to leave, I’m confident I’ll be able to use my new corporate finance vocabulary and arsenal of corporate responsibility strategies, gleaned from the classes below, to do just that.

    Read about Ali's curricular path>

    Learn From The Experts: Fletcher Faculty

    Joel Trachtman, Professor of International Law at The Fletcher School"Our law courses in this field complement and are complemented by our courses in economics, business and politics. This is an interdisciplinary strength that no law school or single discipline graduate program can match."

    Joel Trachtman, Professor of International Law

    Other faculty with expertise in the field:

    Laurent Jacque Jeswald Salacuse
    Laurent Jacque Jeswald Salacuse