Humanitarian Studies

Important to Note:

  • The Humanitarian Studies field of study requires the completion of a minimum of three course credits from the list below.
  • As a reminder, please note:
    • A course may be counted for credit in only one Field of Study.
    • In those cases where a course is listed in more than one Field of Study, the student may choose the Field of Study in which it is to be credited.
    • Courses, however, may be used to meet both Divisional Breadth Requirements and Field of Study requirements simultaneously.
  • Faculty Supervising this Field of Study: Professor Daniel G. Maxwell
ILO L216 International Humanitarian Law
DHP D213 Essentials of Humanitarian Action in the Field
*DHP D230 Humanitarian Aid in Complex Emergencies
DHP D232 Gender, Culture and Conflict in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies
DHP D235 Introduction to Research Methods
DHP D236 Migration and Governance in the Global South
[DHP D237] Nutrition in Complex Emergencies: Policies, Practice and Decision-making
DHP D239 Forced Migration

* This course is required for constitution of the field.
++ Any one of these courses may be used as the required course in the field.
+ Any one of these courses may be used as the second required course in the field.
[ ] Bracketed courses are those not offered 2014-2015.
Unless otherwise indicated, students need three course credits to complete a field of study. Modular courses count as one-half credit and if listed in a field, two must be taken to complete one course.

Professors with expertise in the field

Research Centers

Student Theses

When Do We Get to Peace? Patterns of Gender-Based Violence in Post-Conflict Liberia (MALD 2009)

State Branding in the 21st Century (MALD 2009)

Creating Obstacles to Peace: The International Involvement in Darfur (MALD 2009)

Unraveling the Paradox: The Resilience of Women's Rights Activism in Iran within the Context of a Changing Political Environment (MALD 2009)

Azerbaijan and Israel: Oil, Islam and Strawberries Pragmatism in Foreign Policy Between Unlikely Allies (MALD 2009)

Conceptualizing Climate Change Migration: A Literature Review and Analysis of the State of the Field and its Implications (MALD 2009)

One For All and All For One: Intra-Organizational Dynamics in Humanitarian Action (MALD 2009)

If We Could Hear & Read Their Stories: A Comparative Analysis of Perpetrator Patterns & Community Responses to Sexual Violence in Liberia & Eastern (MALD 2008)

Never Again? The Failure of the International Community and the Media During the Rwanda Genocide (MALD 2008)

Violence Prevention Through Bodybuilding (MALD 2008)

Of Peace and Justice: The Impact of Human Rights in Peacemaking (MALD 2008)

Towards a Framework for Culturally-Sensitive Psychosocial Interventions in the Population of Internally Displaced Sudanese (MALD 2008)

The Right to a Fair Trial in States of Emergencies: Non-Derogable Aspects of Article 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (MALD 2008)