Development Economics

Most students choose to pursue summer internships in their fields of interest. Select student internships include:

Centre for Microfinance Research
Chennai, India

"I enjoyed the flexibility and freedom I had to travel and interview a wide diversity of people with different experiences and perspectives on microfinance. I traveled through Orissa, India, interviewing microfinance stakeholders about the socio-political environment in which microfinance institutions operate."

Save the Children
Gao, Mali

"This was an experience of real challenges of development in remote, post-natural disaster areas as well as the challenges of NGO work (funding, staff morale, logistics, internal communication). My internship involved documenting baseline conditions through field visits. I was involved in survey design, implementation and analysis as well as a qualitative analysis of the program impact."

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"I enjoyed assessing the organizational structure and business planning of this small grassroots advocacy organization working to promote women's development. I feel that having seen the struggles of this group provides me with the necessary consultative background to lend concrete advice to other small NGOs struggling at the early stages of formation. My role included developing an external communication program, assessing the institutional structure of the organization and working directly with the executive director to prioritize future projects and sustainability of business."

Institute of Financial Management and Research
Chennai, India

"This internship involved field work and traveling around South India collecting data for empirical research. The field research allowed for primary data collection through one-to-one interviews, and I was able to continue by processing data and present findings and conclusions."