International Development

Specialization in Political and Social Change

1. Coursework

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Core Courses (3 Courses Required)

There are three core courses required. The first core course must be one of the three Development Economics course offerings (E240: Development Economics: Macro Perspectives or E241: Development Economics: Policy Analysis or E242: Development Economics: Micro-Perspectives). The second and third core courses must be two of the following three courses: L250: Law and Development, P219: Political Economy of Development, P222: Development Aid in Practice.

Core Requirement: Choose one of the following course options:
E240: Development Economics: Macro Perspectives
E241: Development Economics: Policy Analysis
E242: Development Economics: Micro-Perspectives
Core Requirement: Choose two of the following three course options:

L250: Law and Development
P219: Political Economy of Development
P222: Development Aid in Practice

Specialization Courses (5 courses required)

  • L212: Self-Determination and Minority Rights
  • L214:  Transitional Justice
  • L251: Comparative Legal Systems
  • L252:  Rule of Law in Post-Conflict Societies
  • D206: Ethics of Development and Humanitarian Aid
  • D213: Humanitarian Studies in the Field
  • D221: International Mediation
  • D230: Humanitarian Action in Complex Emergencies
  • D232: Gender, Culture and Conflict in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies
  • D233: Daily Risks and Crisis Events
  • D239: Forced Migration
  • D267: Globalization of Central Asia and the Caucasus
  • D292: Nonprofit Management: Important Ideas for Motivating and Leading Change
  • P209:  International NGO Management: Tools and Practice
  • P213: Rights-Based Approach to Design, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning
  • P224:  Culture, Values and Development
  • P243:  Internal Conflicts and War
  • P253: Sustainable Development Diplomacy
  • P225m: Design and Monitoring of Peace Building and Development
  • P256: Innovation for Sustainable Prosperity
  • P226m: Evaluation of Peace Building and Development for Practitioners and Donors
  • P298: Politics of Violent Conflict in Africa
  • E244: Political Economy of Reform, Growth and Equity
  • E250: Macroeconomic Problems in Middle Income Countries: Focus on Latin America
  • B241: Micro-Finance and Financial Inclusion
  • B242: Market Approaches to Economic and Human Development

    *  Two Modular courses are equal to one course.  If a student chooses to use modular courses, they must receive approval from Professor Block.

    2. Summer Internship or Prior Job Experience

    3. Capstone Project on a Related Subject

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