International Development

Specialization in Sustainable Development

1. Coursework

Core Courses (3 Courses Required)

For the Certificate in International Development, specialization in Sustainable Development, three core courses are required.

Core Requirement: Choose one of the following course options:
EIB E240: Development Economics: Macro Perspectives
EIB E241: Development Economics: Policy Analysis
EIB E242: Development Economics: Micro-Perspectives
Core Requirement: Choose two of the following three course options:
ILO L250: Law and Development
DHP P219: International Political Economy of Development
DHP P222: Development Aid in Practice

Specialization Courses (5 courses required):

  • ILO L223: International Environmental Law
  • DHP D250: Water Diplomacy
  • DHP P207: GIS for International Applications
  • DHP P250: Elements of International Environmental Policy
  • DHP P251: International Environmental Negotiations
  • DHP P253: Sustainable Development Diplomacy
  • DHP P254: Climate Change and Clean Energy Policy    
  • DHP P255: International Energy Policy
  • DHP P256: Innovation for Sustainable Prosperity
  • DHP P257: Corporate Management of Environmental Issues
  • DHP P258: Clean Energy Technologies and Policy Issues
  • DHP E243: Agriculture and Rural Development in Developing Countries
  • DHP E246: Natural Resource Environmental Economics
  • EIB E250: Macroeconomic Problems of Middle Income Countries: Focus on Latin America
  • EIB E262: The Economics of Global Health and Development
  • EIB B280: Global Food Business
  • EIB B284: Petroleum in the Global Economy

* Two Modular courses are equal to one course.  If a student chooses to use modular courses, they must receive approval from Professor Block.

2. Summer Internship or Related Work Experience

3. Capstone Project on Related Topic

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