Certificate in International Development

Specialization in Economic Analysis, Trade, and Investment

1. Coursework

To review course descriptions for the courses listed below, please refer to the Fletcher Bulletin or click here.

Core Courses (3 Courses Required)

Three core courses are required. The first core course must be one of the three Development Economics course offerings (E240: Development Economics: Macro Perspectives, E241: Development Economics: Policy Analysis, E242: Development Economics: Micro-Perspectives). The second and third core courses must be two of the following three course offerings: L250: Law and Development, P219: International Political Economy of Development, P222: Development Aid in Practice.

Core Requirement: Choose one of the following course options:
E240: Development Economics: Macro Perspectives

E241: Development Economics: Policy Analysis

E242: Development Economics: Micro-Perspectives
Core Requirement: Choose two of the following three course options:
L250: Law and Development
P219: International Political Economy of Development
P222: Development Aid in Practice

Specialization Courses (5 Courses Required)

L230: International Business Transactions
L240: Legal and Institutional Aspects of International Trade

L243: International Legal Aspects of Globalization
D284: Petroleum in the Global Economy
P217: Global Political Economy
P232: Communications Policy Analysis and Modeling
P255: International Energy Policy
P271m: Socioeconomic and Business Environment of India
P294: Political Economy and Business Context of Latin America
E211: Microeconomics
E212: Macroeconomics
E213: Econometrics
E220: International Trade and Investment
E221: Advanced International Trade and Investment
E230: International Finance
E244: Political Economy of Reform, Growth and Equity
E250: Macroeconomic Problems in Middle Income Countries: Focus on Latin America
B200: Financial Accounting and Corporate Finance
B220: Global Financial Services
B225m: Corporate Finance and Banking: A Comparative Asian Perspective
B234: Strategic Management in Privatizing and Deregulating Industries
B235: Managing the Global Corporation
B236: Strategy and Innovation in the Evolving Context of International Business
B241: Micro-Finance and Financial Inclusion
B270m: Business Groups in Asia
B272m: The Political Economy and Business Environments of Greater China
B280: Global Food Business

    * Two modular (.5 credit) courses are equal to one credit course. Students wishing to use modular courses to meet the Certificate requirements must seek permission from Professor Block.

    2. Summer Internship or Prior Work Experience

    3. Capstone Project on Related Subject

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