European Advisory Group

Christine Lauper-Bagatelas, F87 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tannaz Banisadre, F06

Strategy Consultant, Shell International, London, England

Gerald W. Blakeley III, F04P 

Managing Director, Gerald W. Blakeley Charitable Foundation; Boston, MA, USA

Kipper Blakeley, F04 

Partner, Social Investors; Shutesbury, MA, USA

Rene Henri Bodmer, F95 

Rahn & Bodmer Banquiers; Zurich, Switzerland

Martin F. Broughton, J99P, A01P

Oxted Surrey, England

Giancarlo Bruno, GMAP, F10 

Head of Financial Institutions and Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum; New York, NY, USA

Juan Carrizosa, A80, F14

Member of the Management Committee, CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA; London, England

John Crawford, F59 

Senior Advisor, Management Patrimonial Conseil; Paris, France

Michael J. Dobbs, F72, F77 

Member, Parliament of England; Wilts, England

Christian Dussey, F03 

Ambassador, Geneva Centre for Security Policy; Rivaz, Switzerland

Colette Flesch, F61, H79

Luxembourg City; Luxembourg

Philip Fletcher, F82

Partner, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP; Washington, DC, USA

Gerry W. Ford, F84
Chairman, Caffé Nero Group plc; London, England

Brian Gibbs, F89

Director, PRTM Management Consultants; Homburg, Germany

Maria V. Gordon, F98

CEME Senior Fellow, Tufts University; London, England

Calvin Hamilton, F85

Senior Partner, Hamilton Aborgados SLP; Madrid, Spain

Jeffrey L. Hedges, F77 

Partner, Tanager Wealth Management; London, England

Katherine V. Hedges (Cullman), F77 

Editor, Tanager Talks, Tanager Wealth Management; London, England

Wolfgang F. Ischinger, F73

Ambassador and Chairman, Munich Security Conference; Muenchen, Germany

Jan Henrik Jebsen 

Chairman, Gamma Apllied Visions; Nyon, Switzerland

Marina Kaljurand, F95

Chair and Former Foreign Minister; Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia; Tallinn, Estonia

Constantine Karamanlis, F00 

Member of Parliament, District of Serres, Macedonia, Greece; Filothei, Greece

John H. King, F69, F71 

Director, Business Humanitarian Forum; Naples, FL

Douglas Marston, F76

Chief Executive Officer, Marston Capital Partner Ltd.; Kilchberg, Switzerland

Edwina Moreton

Former Diplomatic Editor and Deputy Foreign Editor, Associate Fellow, Trustee and Director, The Economist, Royal Institute of International Affairs, VERTIC; London, England

Bettina Muscheidt, F01

EU Head of Delegation to Libya, European Union; Brussels, Belgium

Julien E. Naginski, F93

General Counsel, Pallinghurst Advisors LLP; London, England

Anita Orban, F01, AG01, F07

European Government Relations, Cheniere Marketing; London, England

Oriana Pound, F02

Chief of Staff, Network Middle Market, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP; London, England

N. Dylan Ray, F94, A17P, A18P

Chief Executive Officer, Vision Capital SA; Roquefort Les Pins, France

Dev S. Sanyal, F88

Chief Exec., Alt. Energy & EVP, Regions, British Petroleum, PLC.; London, England

Klaus Scharioth, F74, F78

Dean of Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs, Stiftung Mercator GmbH; Berlin, Germany

Arthur B. Sculley, F09

General Partner and Former Managing Director, Sculley Brothers LLC and JP Morgan; London, England      

L. Paul Shapiro, F86

Senior Banker, Natural Resources Team, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; London, England

Franz Stadler, F03 

Founder and CEO, Stadler & Company, AG; Walchwil, Switzerland

Philippe Truan, F89

Director, Roger Truan SA; Geneva, Switzerland

Andrei P. Vandoros, F71, A04P, F10P

Managing Director, Pearl Carriers, LTD; London, England

Liu Xiaoming, F83 

Ambassador to the Court of St. James, Chinese Embassy to Great Britain; London, England

Mian Zaheen, F73, F74 

Chairman, Access Corporate Finance Partners LLP; Oxshott, England

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