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Fletcher Student Groups

  • Africana Club - Undertakes activities to promote and further understanding of issues relevant to Africa and African culture.

  • ASEAN Society - The ASEAN Society serves to spread awareness about the Southeast Asia to The Fletcher School and the broader local community through speakers, discussions, simulations, debates, career talks, student and professor presentations as well as cultural events. It aims to fill the gap between the growing importance of and increased interest in Southeast Asia at Fletcher and the lack of a coherent hub to exchange information, ideas and experiences about the region.
  • Fletcher Latin America Group  - This student network is interested in the study and development of Latin America. It organizes diverse academic and social activities such as conferences, visiting speakers from the region, networking opportunities, and social events.
  • Pride at Fletcher - Pride at Fletcher is a student organization for those who identify as LGBTQIA+ as well as allies to provide a platform for an LGBT+ community that embraces allies, hosts events to raise awareness and understanding, and serves as a resource for the Fletcher community.
  • Fletcher Society for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies - The Fletcher Society for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies provides a forum for discussion and reflection on political and economic issues pertaining to countries of the former Soviet Union.  The club aims to promote a better understanding at Fletcher of the region, its people, and its diverse cultures.
  • Gender Initiative - The Gender Initiative seeks to improve the overall quality of the Fletcher experience by conducting research into elements of inequality and bias in our academic, social, and professional communities. The Gender Initiative provides opportunities for motivated students to commit their skills in research, analysis, management, consulting, and facilitation to initiatives that seek to improve: 1) their shared experiences at Fletcher; and 2) the school itself as an institution grounded in the diversity of its students and their myriad professional and personal experiences and aims.
  • Mediterranean Club - The Med Club is a cross-national forum for the celebration of all things Mediterranean. Through debates, discussions, and the medium of film, we seek to explore and foster the cultural, social, and political heritage of the myriad peoples populating the Mediterranean basin and its neighboring areas.
  • Fletcher Students of Color and Allies - Building on the legacy of Ralph Bunche, Fletcher Students of Color and Allies (FSCA) provides a safe space for students to discuss issues of race, class, and culture, and serves as a platform to engage the Fletcher community in considering minority identities and experiences in their careers at Fletcher and beyond.  
  • Women in International Security - With more than 7,000 members in 47 countries, WIIS remains the only global network actively advancing women’s leadership, at all stages of their careers, in international peace and security.  WIIS continues to serve its mission by: Producing groundbreaking research on women in peace and security careers; fostering women’s leadership development and mentoring support; and expanding the WIIS network of women and men who are dedicated to women’s leadership in peace and security

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Fletcher Alumni Associations

  • Fletcher Women’s Network - FWN facilitates connections among women graduates of The Fletcher School. The mission of the Fletcher Women's Network is to form an international community of women graduates of The Fletcher School who together may 1) continue to learn about, share experiences related to, and discuss international affairs, world cultures, and current events; 2) promote one another's professional development; 3) make themselves available to other women as mentors, and 4) contribute to the School's future.
  • Fletcher Alumni of Color Association - FACA works to foster a strong and enduring community among Fletcher alumni of color and to further the interests, welfare, and educational purposes of The Fletcher School. It also serves as a forum to share ideas with current and prospective students and address issues of diversity. FACA organizes career panels for Fletcher students and is also currently working to create scholarships for Fletcher students of color.

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